Horizon Cloud Service and Horizon DaaS Platform REST API Samples


This is a collection of REST API samples for Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure and Horizon DaaS Platform. The REST API samples are the most commonly used APIs and are intended to serve as starting guides for developers. This is not an exhaustive list of APIs available. Note that the APIs are not supported for other types of Horizon Cloud Service implementations, such as Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure.


Postman Client


The POSTMAN collections in the included folders were built using the Postman client. It is highly recommended to install the latest version of the Postman client.

Once installed, launch the Postman client and select the Import button in the upper left corner. This should open an Import dialog box, shown below. You can either Drag and Drop the json files or use the Choose files button to open the Postman Collection JSON files. Once imported, the collections should show up in Postman in format similar to :

You can explore the POSTMAN documentation here for more details about how to import POSTMAN data here : https://learning.getpostman.com/docs/postman/collections/data_formats/#importing-postman-data.  

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