Infrastructure Pain Points Overview

The main reason for this dashboard is to get a high level overview about the pain points for the whole infrastructure regarding performance and availability.
Based on Custom Groups with defined thresholds (as filters) you can see how well your infrastructure is running

Infrastructure Pain Points


Here you can see all interactions in the dashboard:

Infrastructure Pain Points Interactions

Following Files you will find in the ZIP file:
- (Dashboard)
- supermetrics.json (8 Supermetrics)

Foreach Group-type there is an own json for the Custom groups:
- Host_Status-CG.json (Group-Type Host_Status)
- Storage_Status-CG.json (Group-Type Storage_Status)
- Cluster_Status-CG.json (Group-Type Cluster_Status)

The needed Views (import):

Infrastructure Pain Points Views

All Group-Types and Custom Groups which are needed (import):

Infrastructure Pain Points CGs

All Supermetrics which are needed (import). Please don't forget to activate these Supermetrics in your Policy (for the specific Group-types (Storage_Status, Host_Status, Cluster_Status). NOT for all Objecttypes)

Infrastructure Pain Points SMs


Have fun and let me know if I can help!

### UPDATE 12.04.19 ###

Storage Percentage Value is not working (SOLVED)

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