UAG Automation and Day 2 Operations - Version 12.1

Updated the UAG auto deploy and day 2 operations PowerShell scripting solution to version 12.1 to resolve an issue identified in field testing.  Please use this version going forward and check the GitHub for the latest release version in case any updates are made in the future. 


UAG Automation Solutions Developed as a proof of concept for providing a basis for developing automation capabilities for Unified Access Gateway appliances in respect to deployment or day 2 operations. The intent is to allow the user to manage the UAG configurations within a simple CSV and then use the script to rapidly deploy, delete, update UAG's in various aspects that the script supports. Not every INI setting is coded into it, but the base is there to expand to suite your needs, you would just modify the 'DEPLOY' based code sections that focus on building out the INI to use for UAG deploy with what you want and can tie that back to CSV settings using the other code already there as a examples to build off.

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