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Core Capabilities

App Passcode

For security reasons, enterprises may want to prevent continuous access to an app without periodic authentication.

An app passcode can ensure the app is only accessible to the entitled user and that the user identity is maintained over...

Single Sign On Certificate Authentication

For security reasons, enterprises may require authentication for their API endpoints and websites, SSO via Certificates allows a developer to leverage enrollment credentials to handle the authentication without prompting the end user of the...

Prevent Copy and Paste

For apps used in more regulated industries, it may be important for IT to prevent applications from openly sharing data with each other.

Copy / Paste restrictions can prevent data in a corporate app from being easily transferred to...

App Tunneling

An application may require access to web services residing behind a corporate firewall.

A traditional full device VPN solution is not adequate due to manual steps required to enable the VPN on the device, and the security exposure by...

Technical Approaches

There are multiple technical approaches you can use to securely integrate and authenticate apps with AirWatch and Identity Manager. Developers will commonly mix and match the different approaches below to achieve the desired functionality. The different approaches will have overlapping feature sets, but the best practice depends on your application deployment scenario and landscape.

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Identity Manager

The Identity Manager component of Workspace ONE acts as a user store, a user catalog and Single Sign On (SSO) hub for your organization. Identity Manager’s APIs shorten app development time by providing consumable authentication and SSO...

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App Wrapping

App Wrapping identifies specific app functions and replaces them with calls to the AirWatch SDK. This allows for a subset of AirWatch SDK capabilities to be added to an app without requiring any developer involvement. App Wrapping is only...

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The AppConfig Community is a collection of industry-leading EMM solution providers and app developers that are making it simpler for developers to use native platform APIs to configure and secure apps in the enterprise. 

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AirWatch SDK

The SDK code library from AirWatch can be used to enable additional app config and security capabilities that may not yet be available natively as part of the AppConfig Community. Certain use cases such as granular analytics can be provided...

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