SCCM to AirWatch Auto Registration

This script connects to SCCM via WMI, gathers the devices in a collection, checks to see if they are registered in Airwatch, and if they are not it registers the device in Airwatch to the primary user of the device. 

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saadk 5 years ago
Please change the "AirwatchUser" parameter to "AirwatchAdmin". It took me forever to realize that the script was looking for an admin account, instead of the user account. Even the parameter description states: "This user must have...".

This has caused much confusion for the SCCM admins who are using AW/WS1 for the first time. They don't have the experience to know that this script actually means an admin account, not user account.
jnegron 5 years ago
Thanks @saadukhan for reporting this enhancement, we have applied the changes and updated the description for AirWatchAdmin to be more clear. Please be sure to also check out Workspace ONE AirLift which will automate this entire process for you.