Execute AirWatch Rest API Call

.SYNOPSIS This Poweshell script make a REST API call to an AirWatch server. This particular script is used to pull device information based on serial numbers pulled from a file. If you need to build your own script, concentrate on the Get-BasicUserForAuth function. This creates the Base64 authentication string. Also look at the Build-Headers function as this is a requirement for the REST call.

.DESCRIPTION To understand the underlying call check https:// /API/v1/mdm/devices/help/resources/GetDevicesByBulkSerialNumber. 

. EXAMPLE Execute-AWRestAPI.ps1 -userName Administrator -password password -tenantAPIKey 4+apikeyw/krandomSstuffIleq4MY6A7WPmo9K9AbM6A= -outputFile c:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\output.txt -endpointURL https://demo.awmdm.com/API/v1/mdm/devices/serialnumber -inputFile C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\SerialNumbers1.txt -Verbose

. PARAMETER userName An AirWatch account in the tenant is being queried. This user must have the API role at a minimum.

. PARAMETER password The password that is used by the user specified in the username parameter

. PARAMETER tenantAPIKey This is the REST API key that is generated in the AirWatch Console. You locate this key at All Settings -> Advanced -> API -> REST, and you will find the key in the API Key field. If it is not there you may need override the settings and Enable API Access

. PARAMETER endpointURL This will be the https:// /API/v1/mdm/devices/serialnumber. If you want to modify this script to get other data please contact the REST API help at https:// /API/help.

. PARAMETER inputFile This will be the complete path and filename to a file that list you device serial numbers. You will have one serial number per line with not fomatting. Just the serial number of the device(s) you want information for.

. PARAMETER outputFile (optional) This is not required. If you don't specify this parameter on the command line, the script will just show

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4377832209 6 years ago
Hi there.

Does this code sample still work? I've tried using it - and similar other creations in PowerShell - but it looks like the AirWatch API is expecting the authentication to happen in the initial request, where this is waiting for a challenge prior to submitting the stored credentials. As a consequence, AirWatch returns:

Invoke-RestMethod : {"errorCode":1003,"message":"The authorization header is empty or the scheme is not

If I try to make similar requests using Postman - which includes credentials in the request header rather than waiting for a challenge - it's successful.

If anyone has this working - please post! I'll try to work through this in the background.


4377832209 6 years ago
Ignore me. I think a proxy was getting in my way. Admins - feel free to delete the comments. Apologies for cluttering up this area.
4667229997 5 years ago
i get this error, any ideas on it??? Invoke-RestMethod : {"errorCode":1005,"message":"User is not active.","activityId":"7f19f466-0e3d-4d7c-91b8-ae9b429c284c"}
2233076062 3 years ago
Is there a way to fetch just the changes since the last fetch? We need near-real-time data and it seems like a bad idea to pull in all of the data every 10 minutes.